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About Geneva

Geneva, the modern city of Switzerland on the skirts of the Alps, with the world's largest fountain, is one of Europe's most beautiful cities with its unique nature. Nesting with the Geneva River this beautiful city is the home for entertainment and culture and it welcomes its visitors by Geneva Airport.

Geneva is, in fact, a city where it is possible to travel around on foot since it has a small surface. On the other hand, buses, trains and trams as means of public transportation provide transport services to every corner of the city. You can also get to the opposite side of the river in a short time with the river buses. The central bus station of the city, Gare Routiere, and the nearby train station, Gare Cornavin, are the main departure points for public transportation.

Transportation to Geneva City Center from Airport

Situated in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, Geneva is a modern city that has the world's largest fountain and is, by its very nature, one of the most beautiful cities across Europe. In addition to being a center of amusement and culture, this beautiful city nesting with the Geneva River welcomes its visitors at the Geneva Airport.

Geneva is, in fact, a city where it is possible to travel even on foot thanks to the small size of the surface area. On the other hand, buses, trains, and trams serve as public transport services to every corner of the city. You can also go across the river by taking the advantage of river/lake boats. Gare Routiere, the central bus station of the city, and the nearby railway station Gare Cornavin are the main departure points of means of public transportation.

You can buy tickets at almost any station or from the machines near the newsagents in order to take advantage of public transportation. These machines accept only coins and they don't give the change back. Ticket prices may vary depending on your destination.

In addition, there are the offices of car rental companies you can easily find both at the airport and in the city center. Renting a car is a very useful option because no parking problem is experienced in the city. Besides, you can also rent a bike or get a taxi easily, as well as you can benefit from the shuttle services run by the hotels.

Geneva Airport provides easy transportation to the city center in addition to the high-quality services it offers. You can quickly and easily rent a car from the Car Rental offices inside the terminal building for fast transportation, as well as you can directly get to the city center and other parts of the city by bus, train and hotel shuttle services.

Those who want to take advantage of public transport can get the tickets, which provide free travel for 80 minutes, from the arriving passengers' luggage delivery hall. There is no extra charge for transfers within eighty minutes.


You can reach many parts of the city without a need to transfer by the buses passing through the bus stops near the airport. The bus number 5 departs from the airport, follows a route through Gare Routiere, Bel-Air and Museum and arrives at Thônex-Vallard Station; Bus 10 departing from the airport passes through Gare Routiere, Bel-Air and Place des Eaux-Vives stations and reaches the Rive Station; and the bus number 23 departs from the airport and arrives at the ZIPLO passing through Lignon and Grand-Lancy stations.

Bus 28 takes you from the airport to the Parfumerie from Vernier Station or from the airport to the Jardin-Botanique following a route through Grand-Saconnex and Nations stations. If you take the buses 5 and 10, you can get to Gare Cornavin Railway Station by getting off the bus at Gare Routiere, which is only 5-minute walk away.


If you take the train from the station inside the Airport Shopping Mall, which is only 5-minute away from the airport by walking, you can arrive at Gare Cornavin Railway Station in about six minutes. Trains depart nearly every 10 or 12 minutes. Gare Cornavin Railway Station is the transportation hub of the city and it is possible to reach every part of the city from here.

Hotel Shuttle Services

Crowne Plaza, Express by Holiday Inn, Ibis, Mövenpick Genève, Nash Airport Hotel, NH Geneva Airport Hotel and Starling Geneva Hotel & Conference Center are among the hotels that arrange free shuttle services between the airport and the hotels.


Once you get to Gare Cornavin Railway Station, you can head to Onex by taking the tram line 14 passing through Bel-Air, Stand and Petit-Lancy, or you can go to Avanchet Station in the direction of Servette; You can also take line 15 heading to France area, or to Plainpalais and Pont-Rouge in the reverse direction; and you can travel to Carouge, Servette and Avanchet by taking the line 18.

Lake Boats

After leaving the airport, the lake boats are an enjoyable alternative to cross the river in order to reach the other side of the city. Once you reach the city center from the airport, you can take advantage of the lake boats. The boats provide transportation service with M1, M2, M3 and M4 lines, which depart every 10 minutes or half an hour depending on when they are arranged, between Molard, Pâquis, Genève-plage, Eaux Vives and Perle du Lac stations.


After arriving at Gare Cornavin by train, you can enjoy more affordable and enjoyable way of transportation by taking the advantage of the deposit-based bike rental option.


You can easily reach wherever you want in about 15 minutes or half an hour depending on your destination by taking a taxi from the taxi stands near the airport.

Rent a car

If you want to travel more freely throughout your trip, renting a car will be an ideal option for you. You can contact the car rental offices at the airport or take advantage of the online booking option to rent a car. If you want to enjoy the luxury and comfort during your journey, renting a limousine may be a good option for you.

Last Updated: 09 Apr 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Geneva?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Geneva destination. You can see all Geneva flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Geneva arranged?

Geneva flights are organized to Geneva Airport.

Which airlines have direct flights to Geneva from which cities?

ITA - Italia Trasporto Aereo organizes direct flights to Geneva from Rome. Saudi Arabian Airlines organizes direct flights to Geneva from Jeddah.

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