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About Esfahan

Esfahan is one of the world's oldest cities. Today the 3rd largest city of Iran, it  was once the capital to Safavid Empire between  1050 and 1722. You can feel this history all over the city. It is a magnificent city with boulevards, palaces and mosques. In Esfahan, which has been settled since the Paleolithic era, you can visit a multitude of historic and cultural sites, including Naqsh-e Jehan Square, Kohne Square, Chaharbagh Square, Jame Mosque, Talar Ashraf Palace, Hasht Beheseht Palace, Sadr Madrasa, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Khajoo Madrasa, Caravanserai, Pol-e Khaju Bridge, Church of Mary and the Fire Temple.
The Imam Square is regarded as one of the largest squares in the world. The parks of this city are also famous. To have a picnic in fairly large parks is one of the favorite social activities of the locals. In Esfahan you can also find and purchase a large number of handmade souvenirs belonging to Iranian culture, such as carpets, rugs, and miniatures. 
Esfahan has a climate with 4 seasons. It rains in the spring and winter. In summer the temperature may reach over 40 ℃. We can say that the most appropriate times to visit are the autumn months like September and October. You can reach Isfahan from Tehran or Tabriz.  Shahid Beheshti Airport is the city's local airport. 


Transportation to Esfahan City Center from Airport


Isfahan Intl. Airport

You will choose from a number of alternatives such as taxi, transfer services, car rental companies, etc. to get to Isfahan city center from Shahid Beheshti Airport. Whichever means of transportation you use, you can reach the city center in maximum 20 minutes.


Taking a taxi is the quickest and most comfortable way to get the city center of Isfahan from Shahid Beheshti Airport. Outside the terminal there are taxis that provide 24/7 transportation services. You will be asked to pay about 16-20 Turkish Liras for a taxi ride from Shahid Beheshti Airport to the city center. The ride would last about 10-15 minutes.

Car Rental

There are local and international car rental companies' offices on the terminal of Shahid Beheshti Airport. If you make your reservation before your flight, you can rent your car in a much more economical way. It is possible to get to the city center of Isfahan from Shahid Beheshti Airport by car in 10-12 minutes.

Weather in Esfahan

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 23ºC - Max 36ºC
MondayMin 23ºC - Max 33ºC
TuesdayMin 23ºC - Max 32ºC
WednesdayMin 23ºC - Max 34ºC
ThursdayMin 25ºC - Max 39ºC

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