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About El Arish

El Arish is the largest desert city on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and is considered the capital of the Northern Sinai governorate region. The city has a warm climate which lies on the Mediterranean coast and is located northeast of Cairo, near Bardawil Lake.

You can see the traces of deep-rooted civilizations such as Egyptians, Romans and Ottomans and in the past, one of the most important caravan routes of El Arish. It also has a tourist value with its 10 kilometers of long white sand beaches. The beach road which is surrounded by many luxury resorts, restaurants and cafes is called "palm trees beach". While the city is rich in flavor with seafood prepared with local spices and authentic fruit salads, night entertainment is not organised due to its conservative structure.

The Bedouin Bazaar which is set up on Thursdays in the city, brings together immigrants from all over the peninsula. It exhibits an amazing atmosphere where traditional handicrafts are exhibited. You can find many authentic items such as carpets and hand-made products in this market. The only museum that reflects the Bedouin culture in Sinai is located in the city of El Arish in Egypt. The place where you will breathe the past of the city the most is the Fortress of El Arish and is the only surviving monument in the region. It dates back to the Mamluks and is also important as the place where Ottoman-French agreements were signed in the 19th century. You can see the traces of Egypt's deep history dating back to the Pharaoh period in the ancient city of Pelusium where an excavation has just been completed. If you go 30 kilometers west of El Arish, to the cradle of civilizations, you can admire Zaranik National Reserve Park and the nature of Bardawil Lake where all birds from around the world migrate and you can observe 244 bird species there. 

El Arish International Airport is home to Palestinian airlines and serves regions such as Amman, Cairo, Jeddah. It especially comes alive during the pilgrimage periods. You can travel the city by bus, taxi type vehicles or you can also rent a car and reach the remote areas.

Transportation to El Arish City Center from Airport


El Arish International Airport

El Arish International Airport is very close to the city center and you can easily reach the city center by taxi or by car in a short time. There is no public transport linking the airport and El Arish city center.


It is possible to reach the city center in less than twenty minutes by taking a taxi at the exit of the airport. Make sure your driver understands where you want to go and agree on the fare in advance. Be sure to bargain as taximeter devices are not used in the taxis and especially high prices are asked from foreigners.

Car Rental

You can rent a car at the airport if you need a vehicle to make your journey easier during your stay. You can reach the city center of El Arish in 18-20 minutes by car via motorway 55. You should be careful when driving a car because many drivers in the city do not care about traffic rules.

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