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Ekibastuz, which is located in the northeast of Kazakhstan, is a small city known for its industry in the Pavlodar region. The city is located on the Irtysh–Karaganda Canal and also known as the mining center of the region due to the abundance of coal mine deposits.

The city, which was mentioned in the pages of history in the 19th century, was discovered for the first time in 1876 with the discovery of coal mines in the region. Of course, coal is the reason why Ekibastuz, which was the favorite city of the Soviet Union in the 1970s with its rich but low-quality coal mines, took this name! A Kazakh named Kosim Pshembaev, who was commissioned by the Russians to search for mine in the first years of the city, puts a large salt rock on each side to mark an area that he finds in the northwest of the city.  The name Ekibastuz means 'two salts' in the Kazakh language. The mines in the city are among the largest coal production areas with open quarry in today's world, cover a large area of 62 square kilometers and contain more than 13 billion tons of coal reserves.

'Bogatyr', which is the city's biggest opencast mine, is known for its capacity, and its Power Station that entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1980 for being the world's largest single coal mine. The most decorative buildings of Ekibastuz, whose architecture is still very young and has no historical history, are the church built in 2000 and the mosque opened in 1998.

In the city which has a continental climate, the period when the weather is the most beautiful is the season from May to September. You can reach many points by public transport in Ekibastuz, which has also an airport bearing the same name with the city.

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Ekibastuz flights are organized to Ekibastuz Airport.

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