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About Damascus Intl. Airport

Damascus is one of the most attractive cities of the Middle East. Damascus International Airport was built in the 1970s for the operation of civil and military flights in Damascus. The airport was the country's busiest airport. In 2010, Damascus International Airport passenger statistics was estimated at nearly six million passengers, but then the airport was closed to flights due to the civil war that started in the country. In Syria, many international airlines ceased all their flights, but Damascus International Airport is one of the rare airports in Syria that remains intact and is still used for military purposes and is expected to be re-opened soon.

Getting to the City Center from Damascus Intl. Airport

Public transport in the city of Damascus is carried out by buses, minibuses and trains. However, tourists are advised not to use public transport for safety reasons. Public transportation services provided by the municipalities do not provide continuity and order due to military and political turmoil in the country. Another disadvantage of public transport is that all signs and warnings are in Arabic and most foreigners do not understand it.

Taxis are very common in Damascus. Although it is regarded as safer from public transport, it is best to get a taxi, which is recommended by your acquaintance or your hotel. In this big city, taxi driving is not a widely registered commercial business, but an extra and informal job for everyone who has a car. For this reason you should not expect a standard price tag or taximeter. You should definitely talk with the car owner about the place you will go ahead and determine the price. You can bargain without hesitation. In general, taxi fares are very good in Damascus. Although tourists are offered a higher rate than usual, you can see much cheaper prices in this city than in many other countries. Figures rise in the intense traffic of the city center, but fall as you move away from the center.

During your stay in the city, you can rent a car and have a relatively comfortable and free transportation option. Cheap gas prices also make it advantageous to rent a car. Prices for car rental in Damascus are also very reasonable. You should pay attention to the fact that the papers of the vehicle you are renting are complete and any scratches or damages are detected and recorded in advance. Traffic is very dense and complex throughout the city. Most of the drivers do not care about traffic rules. For this reason you should be very careful when driving. You can rent your car with a private driver.

If you do not have visa problems, you can get to Beirut in 1.5 hours by car. There are also bus services between Damascus and Beirut and the journey takes about 2 hours on average. The number of alternatives you can get to the city center from Damascus International Airport is limited. Especially during the period of civil war, state-run public transport services were stopped. On the other hand, there is a private bus service between the airport and the city center. Taxi and car rental are the other transportation alternatives that are often preferred.


There are bus stops at the terminal exit of the airport, but they are out of service for a while. It is not known yet when the buses will start to operate again. But shuttle buses of a private company are closing this gap. You can easily get to the city center by taking these buses for an affordable fee.


Taxi usage is very common in Damascus. You can reach the city center at a convenient fare by taking a taxi from one of the taxi stands you can see in front of the airport. Since there is no taximeter in the taxis and there is no standard tariff, you should definitely negotiate with the driver about the fare. If possible, you can ask your hotel to send you a taxi; thus, you can get on a reliable taxi .

Car Rental

There are some car rental offices in Damascus Airport. By agreeing with one of these, you can have a comfortable means of transport throughout your trip. Prices are quite affordable. For this reason, you can also rent your car with a driver. Thus, you can have the opportunity to minimize the impact of the intense and turbulent traffic of Damascus.

Last Updated: 23 Jun 2017
Getting to Damascus Intl. Airport from the City Center

Taxis are the most preferred transportation vehicles to get to the Damascus International Airport. There are always delays in the public transportation services provided by the municipalities in the city, where political and military conflicts frequently occur. Shuttle services belonging to a private company are closing this gap in the transportation to the airport by public transport from the city center. Another option is renting a car, which is favored by many tourists due to affordable prices.


You can easily arrive at the airport with the airport shuttle bus operated by a private company. You can get on this bus in the city center. The fare is also affordable. Your hotel can give you support about where this bus will depart or its departure hours.


You can easily find a taxi in the city center of Damascus. Taxis do not have a taximeter and a standard tariff is not valid. For this reason, you must agree with the driver beforehand about the amount you will pay. You can bargain over the offered amount. For those who are strangers in the city, it is suggested to get on the taxis recommended by the hotel or an acquaintance.

Car Rental

You can come across the offices of the car rental companies in Damascus city center. Despite the heavy traffic of the city and careless drivers, many tourists prefer renting a car. Cheap gasoline prices are also effective in this decision. Your hotel can also help you by providing you with the contact details of car rental companies in the city. You can rent your car with a driver since the prices are affordable.

Airport Information

Damascus International Airport has been offering service for passengers since 1970s and is the busiest airport in Syria. The busiest air traffic in the country is observed at this airport. At the airport, there are 2 duty free shops, 3 restaurants, 1 CIP lounge and 1 home-made coffee shop. You can also benefit from many services such as checkroom, pharmacy, exchange bureau, bank, post office and ATMs.

Last Updated: 24 Jun 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Damascus Intl. Airport?

When you search for flights to Damascus Intl. Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Damascus Intl. Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Damascus Intl. Airport?

You can use Bar Yehuda Airport as an alternative to Damascus Intl. Airport.

Which airlines fly to Damascus Intl. Airport?

Cham Wings Airlines fly to Damascus Intl. Airport.

Which airlines have direct flights from which cities to Damascus Intl. Airport?

Cham Wings Airlines organizes direct flights from the cities of Dubai, Beirut, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi to Damascus Intl. Airport.

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