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The city, with its long name 'San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca', is shortened and called Catamarca. It is located in Northwest Argentina. It is located on the outskirts of Cerro Ambato Mountain and with a riverfront location, it covers a huge area of ​​102,602 square kilometers. The citys territory is covered by 80 percent of mountains and has a border to Chile, which is separated by the Andes Mountains in the west. The western side of the mountain is covered with deserts and is referred to as the 'Argentine Sahara'. Agricultural activities are concentrated in the pockets and geograhically narrow valleys between the mountains. It has an important place in the city's economy. Besides grape, cotton, clover and grain production in the city, it is also active in animal husbandry and the climate is also very suitable for tourism. The citys weather tends to be mild throughout every season of the year. It has a place in the tourism routes of the country with its natural landscapes and hot springs in the mountains. More than 95 percent of its population is literate and it is also worth exploring the cultural values ​​of the city. Our Lady Of The Valley Basilica is one of the most important cathedrals in the north of the country and a center of pilgrimage. That's why the country is on the list of national historic monuments. Rodeo Village, which is 38 kilometers away from the city, is adorned with its microclimate and magnificent forest views and is one of the most intense tourism areas.

The city was first discovered and founded by an explorer named Londes. Since 1694 it has been a permanent settlement. In the city you will encounter many exhibitions and museums in the field of culture and art and we recommend you to visit the Adan Quiroga Archeology Museum and the Virgen Del Valle Museum.

The most special products specific to the city are hand-woven carpets and woolen ponchos. You can go window shopping in the city center and choose from different alternative products. If you travel to the county by plane, the nearest airport to the city is Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport and you can transfer to the city center by bus, taxi or car rental.

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