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About Carti

Carti is an island town in the middle of Panama. It is located by the Caribbean Sea in the middle of the connecting lane between North America and South America.

Small scale trade and passenger transport to surrounding cities is carried out from the small port of the city. It is easy to reach close islands and the coasts with the boats and taxi boats on the port. There is also an airport in the city.

Carti is a city under the dominance of tropical climate. This means that the whole year is very humid. The temperature does not show a significant difference between seasons and the yearly average temperature is measured as 26-27 degrees Celsius. However, the rainy season starts from the end of April and lasts until December; thus it is not recommended to visit the city in this period.

Carti, a true paradise for those who love the sea, has long white sandy beaches. It is possible to enjoy the sun on these natural, untouched sandy beaches and to swim in the crystal clear turquoise sea. Diving is also common in Carti. Many snorkeling and scuba diving tours are organized.

Carti, which has a rich flora with the influence of tropical climate, has very nice walking areas for nature lovers. With the effect of this climate, fresh and abundant tropical fruits can be found in the city all the time. You can buy these fruits from the markets established on the streets. However, do not forget to consume these after thoroughly washing them with drinking water. Carti has a very assertive and rich menu in terms of seafood.

For those who want to get to know an interesting culture while enjoying the sea and the sun, Carti is a wonderful destination with local people’s dancing shows, neighborhood markets, stunning white sandy beaches and clear blue Caribbean Sea.

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