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Butterworth is a city in the southeastern part of the Republic of South Africa. The city is also known locally as Gcuwa. The city is an important industrial center for the Republic of South Africa. At the forefront of industrial products are food, textiles, leather, wood, chemicals, plastic and tobacco.

March, October and November are rainy. June is the most arid time of the city. In June, July and August, the average temperature is about 10-12 degrees Celsius, while it is 20 degrees Celsius from December to March.

In the rural areas of Butterworth there are many natural beauties such as Bawe Falls, Mbashe River and Gcuwa River. These natural beauties are the factors that motivate the tourism index of the city. Butterworth is a remarkable city, especially for trekking lovers, birdwatchers and nature photographers. Nightlife in the city is also very active. Especially in the city center there are various entertainment venues in different styles and they stay open until late hours.

It is possible to shop in the open markets established throughout Butterworth, especially to buy local products from the region. Fingoland Mall, on the other hand, meets almost every need of shoppers as a big center where everything is put together. This shopping center is the first shopping center of Butterworth and the whole region, and has attracted visitors from its surroundings since its foundation.

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Butterworth flights are organized to Butterworth Airport.

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