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About Bou Saada

Bou Saada is located in the M’Sila Province of Algeria, and  also 245 kilometre south of Algiers, the capital of the country. With its population of nearly 134 thousand people according to the data of 2008, Bou Saada is in the southwest of the Hodna Region in Hauts Plateaux. Bou Saada gtraditionally has the feature of jewellery, ornaments, metal works, carpets, and the market in which the famous Bou Saadi knives are produced and sold. Besides, there is a textile mill in the city.

This city is a vital trade centre especially for the nomads. Moreover, winter tourism is also one of the most significant factors of the city economy. The highway roads in Bou Saada links this city with its neighbouring cities as well. Some of the important cities close to Bou Saada can be as follows: M’Sila, Biskra, Bordj Bou Arrerirdj ve Djelfa.

Weather in Bou Saada

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 30ºC - Max 41ºC
MondayMin 26ºC - Max 36ºC
TuesdayMin 24ºC - Max 35ºC
WednesdayMin 25ºC - Max 37ºC
ThursdayMin 26ºC - Max 39ºC

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