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Borkum is an island city that was founded in 1863 in the northwest of Germany. Located in Lower Saxony, the city’s most important features are the city’s freshwater lenses. Borkum has a hot and temperate climate with significant precipitation and rainfall. The city has many aquariums, zoos, and architectural structures, the most important being the Alter Leuchtturm, Neuer Leuchtturm, Lokal Alibi Borkum, Lord Nelson Borkum, Heimatmuseum Dykhus, and the Nordsee Aquarium Borkum. You can easily explore these areas for a certain fee.

The August Balloon Festival and International Borkum Blues Night are some of the city’s most important cultural and musical events. These vibrant events also host interesting competitions. Borkum cuisine bears traces of German, French, and Belgian cuisine and freshwater fish as well, due to its important position in freshwater fish farming. The trout, pike, and crayfish are quite famous, as well as their different style cakes and pastries. The city, which features a calm and relaxed nightlife, is limited in terms of shopping opportunities. People who visit the city tend to prefer local souvenir shops.

Transportation to Borkum City Center from Airport

The closest international airport to Borkum, a city in Northern Germany, is in Bremen. It takes between 3-5 hours to get to Borkum from Bremen Airport depending on the method of transportation you use.

Transportation to Borkum City Center from Bremen Airport

There are a variety of transportation alternatives you can use to get from Bremen Airport to the ferry pier Emden. You can get to Emden by train, bus, or rental car. From Emden you have to take the ferry to Borkum. After arriving in Borkum you can easily get to your destination in the city by bus or taxi.


Bremen Airport is not directly served by train. To get to the train station you have to take a bus or the metro. Once you get to the Bremen Train Station you can take a train to Emden. The train from Bremen to Emden can vary between 5 and 7 hours, depending on the route the train takes. Once you get to Emden you have to transfer to the ferry. The ferry from Emden to Borkum Pier takes about 1 hour. Once you get to Borkum Pier you can easily get to your destination in the city by taxi or bus. If your destination in the city isn’t too far from the pier you could consider walking. Trains are among the most preferred transportation alternative because the train network throughout Germany is fast and affordable. You can easily purchase tickets from the station.


Another transportation alternative is to take a bus from Bremen to Emden and then transfer to the ferry to Borkum. However, the bus from Bremen to Emden usually takes longer than the train. Therefore bus travel is not a preferred method of transportation along this route.

Rental Car

Renting a car is another transportation alternative to get to Borkum from Bremen Airport. If you are somewhat familiar with driving in Germany or have a GPS device to help navigate your way, then you can drive from Bremen Airport to Borkum without any difficultly. From Bremen head north for about 4-5 hours and then you’ll get to Emden. In Emden you have to take the ferry to Borkum.

Transfer Vehicles

Transfer vehicles are generally used as a transportation alternative between the airport and Bremen city center. However, transfer vehicles are another option to get to Emden, which is the departure point for ferries going to Borkum. You can get more information about transfer vehicles and make a reservation for transfer vehicle services at the information counters located at Bremen Airport. Transfer vehicles are a costly transportation alternative because the distance between the cities is significant. You can also consider taking a transfer vehicle to the train station and continuing on to Emden by train, this would be much more economical.


Taxis are readily available in front of Bremen Airport. Again, because of the distance between the cities, taxis are an expensive transportation alternative. You might want to consider taking a taxi to the Bremen Train Station and then transfer to a train to Emden. That would be more economical. You can also try to negotiate with the taxi driver before hand for a cheaper fare to Emden, from where you can easily transfer to the ferry to Borkum.

Limousine Rental

Limousine rentals are a popular choice for those traveling from the airport to Bremen and for travel within the city. Since Borkum is hours away from Bremen, the cost of renting a limousine is quite high. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to compromise on your comfort and convenience you can find limousine rental desks at the airport. You can rent a chauffeured limousine within minutes and be on your way. If you make a reservation online in advance you could get a more advantageous price.

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2016

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Borkum flights are organized to Borkum Airport.

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