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About Banda Island

Bandanaira is one of the Banda Islands of Maluku Province of Indonesia. The Banda Archipelago consists of very small and steep peaks. Bandanaira is a city built on a small flat area on the largest of these islands.

The city, which was the center of nutmeg production until the mid-19th century, has today lost this important source of economy.

Bandanaira is a city under the influence of the tropical climate. Throughout the year a hot and humid weather dominates the city. In the rainy season, large tropical storms can be observed.

In the city, you can find small beautiful bays you can swim in, but do not forget that there is no facility for this activity. On the other hand, diving is more popular than swimming in the city. You can prefer snorkeling or scuba diving in Bandanaira and be welcomed by a wonderful underwater world. In addition, you can also hike or climb in this very green city.

In Bandanaira, there is a port in order to connect the mainland with the surrounding island and an airport with an airfield and few facilities.  

Masjid As-Sidiqqin is one of the architectural symbols of the city. Fort Belgica is one of the places to be visited in the city with its well-protected and pentagonal structure.

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