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Located in Switzerland, Ascona draws attention mostly with its architectural beauties, jazz festivals and excellent mountain air. Ascona is a city that has been continuing its existence since the ancient times and it comes to the forefront for being convenient for history and culture tourism. Those, who enjoy visiting historical places, will encounter churches and castle structures in every corner of Ascona. In addition to its natural and magnificent view, the most striking characteristics of the city is its architectural texture. Some of the most fascinating features of Ascona are its colorful houses, magnificent and elegant churches, monasteries and streets with cobblestone pavements. In this sense, it is not wrong to claim that Ascona is one of the most colorful cities of Europe.

San Pietro e Paulo, which has a magical atmosphere and that we can regard as the symbol of Ascona, has a perfect location in the center of the city and is today actively used as a place of worship. This city, which has a wonderful location between mountains, offers great views for its visitors with the Lake Maggiore. Moreover, thanks to the palm trees and various plants that you will encounter on the banks of this lake, you will feel like you are on vacation in the Mediterranean. You can go to Brissago Islands by renting a boat or joining one of the boat tours organized to these islands. The botanical park located on these islands will undoubtedly be indispensable for those who want to get rid of the monotony of the modern life. While walking on Piazza Giuseppe Motta, which is one of the main streets by the lake, and on the small streets of the city, you will encounter interesting shops and you will see that the heart of the city beats right here with the clanks coming from many restaurants. Although this region is known as the Old Town, it will astonish you with the simplest form of the modern life. With the arrival of June and the warming of the weather, Ascona is becoming one of the most visited places of jazz lovers by hosting both national and international jazz festivals. The JazzAscona Festival, which takes place in this city, stands out as the biggest jazz festival of Europe.

The region called Centovalli attracts attention with its breathtaking natural beauties and it means "hundred valleys". The reason for using this name is that the region is home to a great number of valleys. When you come to Ascona, you should definitely visit Centovalli and see these fascinating valleys. Due to the nature of the region, you can witness wonderful mountain and lake views throughout the year. The main activities that you can do in Ascona are water skiing, jet skiing and hiking. In addition, for those who enjoy visiting modern art museums, the places to visit are definitely the Comunale d'Arte Moderna Museum and Ghisla Art Collection. Valuable works of art are exhibited in these places. In order to experience the night life of the city, you can go to the eating and drink places where you can chat with your friends by the lake, especially famous for their wines.

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