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About Arauca

Arauca is fully known by Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca and is the capital of the region which has the same name in Colombia. The city has a total population of nearly 100 thousand people and is one of the main residential areas of the country since the 16th century.

In the regional economy, oil trade has an important place. Also, the lands on which Arauca are located are rich in fertile agricultural lands. Bananas, cocoa, corn and sesame are grown in and around Arauca. All of these are among the agricultural products that stimulate the economy of the region.

While you are visiting the city, you can visit the Santa Barbara Cathedral, which will immediately attract your attention with its blue painted walls.

The city is located on the Arauca River, which forms part of the boundary between Colombia and Venezuela. The Jose Antonio Paez Bridge which was built between 1964 and 1967, is a border bridge that connects both two sides.

Especially during the last 20 years, due to the exploitation in the petroleum industry, the city has shown great development. The population has increased significantly during this period. Today, the city is increasing its popularity with immigrants, to work in areas such as oil, food and agriculture.

Throughout the year the climate in Arauca is mild and rainy. Because of this, you can easily travel around the city and its surrounding areas, regardless of the time of the year that you visit. If you rent a car from Arauca, you can visit other Colombian cities or you can travel to Venezuela and explore different regions.

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