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About Alert Bay

Alert Bay is a small seaside town on Cormorant Island in Canada. It has a friendly village atmosphere with its local population of less than two thousand. Despite this, it hosts many spots including museums, restaurants, airports, ports and ecological parks. Alert Bay is a very nice alternative for those who want to have a calm and peaceful holiday where you can relax your soul in the nature.

When the soil was taken by new owners, a law came out in 1921 and all the cultural assets of the local people were seized and their cultural activities ceased. However, in the 1980s, as a result of the long struggles of the local people, all these cultural heritages were taken back and started to be exhibited and preserved in the museum called U'mista Cultural Center. You must visit this museum to see and learn the true ethnology, traditions, cultural structure and history of the city.

Alert Bay is located in the cold weather belt. The temperature is measured around zero degrees in the winter months, while the average temperature in the summer is 12 - 14 degrees Celsius. Since there are fewer rains in the summer months, the best time to visit the city is July-August. However, if you are interested in winter sports like skiing, December is the best time to be in the city. While the city is built on a volcanic belt, the belt is considered dead because there is no volcanic activity in the known history of the city.

One of the most interesting items in Alert Bay is the authentic totem pole. You should definitely see this special monument bearing the title of the world's highest totem pole with a length of 53 meters.

Alert Bay is a gulf city and this bay is filled with many whales, dolphins and sea lions. You can join the tours where you can see these wonderful sea creatures. You can also join tours where you can observe bears in their natural surroundings. Another activity that can be done in the city is diving. You can dive with the help of various clubs or tours. Local people are also very interested in fishing. You can also rent a fishing line. You should also taste freshly caught, rare bay fish and crustaceans.

Transportation to Alert Bay City Center from Airport


Alert Bay Airport

Since the distance between Alert Bay Airport and center of the town is about 500 meters, you can provide your transportation by walking. This is also a very enjoyable transportation alternative since there are trees on both sides of the road. In this way, you will feel like you have gone for a nature walk. However, it is possible to reach the center by getting on a taxi from the airport and the travel lasts about a few minutes. Some passengers bring their bicycles with them and provide their transportation with this method like the majority of the residents. Almost all residents have their own cars and Alert Bay is a place where you can walk everywhere. For this reason, there is not any means of public transportation carrying passengers to the center from the airport.

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