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Number of flights per week58
Top destinationsDoha
Most popular airlineQatar Airways
Most popular airportHamad Intl. Airport
Flight Duration13 hour 50 min

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About Qatar

Qatar, in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia and is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Almost all its citizens practice the Islamic faith, and the official language is Arabic. Additionally, due to a significant population of expatriates working in the oil sector from various countries, English is commonly used as a second language.
In Qatar, native Qataris often hold high-level administrative, bureaucratic, or property-owning positions. Other Arab expatriates typically work in banks, oil and gas facilities, or government institutions. Despite having a relatively small student population, Qatar offers mostly free education from preschool to university level. The country aims to centralize education in Doha, where it has constructed a massive educational complex, to become the largest educational center in the Middle East by attracting students from all regions. With a population of approximately 2.6 million, Qatar is known for being one of the world's richest countries by GDP per capita, largely thanks to its oil and natural gas. Before the discovery of oil reserves, Qatar's economy relied on fishing and pearl diving. The country produces virtually no consumer goods, leading to high prices for imported items. Nevertheless, Qatar offers competitive prices for electrical and electronic products.
Qatar has seven natural gas production facilities, one onshore and six offshore, and an industrial city called "Ras Laffan" along its coast facing the Gulf.
Deserts cover the southern regions of Qatar, and the climate features dry and humid summers along with mild, low-precipitation winters. The prime time to visit Qatar is between October and March when most tours are organized. The country hosts various events, attracts international celebrities, and boasts a vibrant nightlife. Luxury hotels primarily house nightclubs. Popular activities in the expansive deserts of Qatar include camping and safaris. The Doha Cultural Festival in March holds significant importance, along with other major religious festivals such as Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Diwali, Dusshera, and Christmas.
Qatar's diverse population, especially in the capital city of Doha, is reflected in its cuisine. While Middle Eastern flavors are prevalent, you can find numerous international cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Italian, and Korean in the malls and along the streets. Fish and seafood dishes also hold a special place in Qatari cuisine. Restaurant prices vary, with dinner costs ranging from $15 to $6,000, depending on your choice.

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