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Number of flights per week59
Top destinationsKuwait
Most popular airlineJazeera Airways
Most popular airportKuwait Intl. Airport
Flight Duration13 hour

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About Kuwait

Kuwait is situated in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, along the Persian Gulf coast, and is divided into six administrative regions. The name "Kuwait" comes from the Arabic word "akwat," signifying a fortress by the water. Modern Kuwait began in the early 18th century when families from the Anizah tribe in the Arabian Peninsula's interior gathered and settled along the Persian Gulf shores.
In addition to relying on oil as its main source of income, Kuwait has a well-developed fishing industry, particularly along the Persian Gulf coast. Agricultural activities are scarce due to limited water resources. Kuwait is among the world's largest oil producers, trailing behind Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Most of its industrial facilities are focused on oil refineries.
Kuwait is located on the Persian Gulf coast, bordered by Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The climate is hot in spring and summer, with milder conditions in other seasons. In June and July, northwest winds, called "tauz," can cause sand and dust storms, making conditions challenging. During the extremely hot Kuwaiti summer from April to September, humidity levels can become unbearable for outdoor activities during certain hours.
Arabic is the official language of Kuwait, but English, Hindi, Urdu, and Farsi are also commonly spoken. The official currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Kuwait City, the capital, is the most developed city, excelling in tourism, industry, and various sectors, making it one of the world's most modern cities. Other important cities in Kuwait include Al Jahra, Hawalli, and Salimiyah.
Although Kuwait doesn't host many festivals and events, some festivals, often coinciding with religious or national holidays, do take place. Among the most prominent are the Hala February Kuwait (Holy February) and the Ramadan.
Kuwaiti cuisine is mainly rooted in the diverse Arab culinary tradition. Commonly found in Kuwaiti restaurants are dishes like Mutabbak (chicken and rice), Basal Mahshi (stuffed onions), Lahm Bilbayd (a frying technique), and Felafel (chickpea patties), which resemble Middle Eastern and Arab cuisine.

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