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Transportation to Jerusalem Airport from the City Center

Passengers are using the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport for transportation to the city due to the security measures taken at Atarot Airport, which is much closer to Jerusalem. The distance of the airport to Jerusalem is about 40 kilometers.

To overcome this distance, passengers usually choose airport buses and taxis; there are also the options such as car rental and shared car.

Among the means of transportation that you can use to get to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport from the city center, the bus, which is also known as airport shuttle service, is the most economical one. These services consistently carry passengers between the airport and Jerusalem during the day. At the same time, the price of the shuttle buses, the most preferred alternative, are very reasonable. If you do not have a lot of time to catch your plane, you can take a taxi in the city or share it with more than one passenger, making the taxi a much more economical sharing tool.

Car rental is not a highly recommended option, especially for first time visitors to the city, due to frequent checks. However, if you wish, you can also rent a car from the city center.

Airport Shuttle

With these services, one of the fastest and most economical means of transportation between Jerusalem and the airport, you can be at the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport at the end of a journey of approximately one hour.

The prices of the airport shuttles are also very good considering the long distance between the two cities. If you do not have heavy luggage, you can easily get to the airport from the center of Jerusalem with these shuttles. However, if your luggage is heavy and you are not close to the point of departure of the shuttles, a taxi or shared car may be a much more viable option.


You can easily find a taxi at any time of day in the city and you can start your journey towards Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport. The interior of the cabins is very spacious and comfortable. However, prices may be much higher than buses and shared vehicles. If you are willing to pay this amount, the taxi will be the most convenient and fastest alternative for you. Although it varies depending on the situation of the traffic, the taxis in the city are usually at the airport within 40 minutes.

Shared Cars

It is also possible to use shared cars for getting to the airport in Tel Aviv and other parts from Jerusalem. Shared cars are taxis used by those who want to travel to the airport for a much lower fee by sharing the car with other passengers. It is possible to find it at the city center as well as at the airport terminal. If you are planning to use the shared car to travel to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport from Jerusalem, remember to negotiate the price with the taxi driver and other passengers before you get on. You can also make payments in dollars or other currencies, but using shekel, Israel's currency, will be much more advantageous in this sense.

Car Rental

Renting a car in the city is not often preferred, but it is among your alternatives to reach the airport. It will be much more comfortable and advantageous to rent the car immediately after arriving at the Ben Gurion Airport located in Tel Aviv for those who are going to reach the city via Tel Aviv. By doing so you can easily discover both Jerusalem and its surroundings and you can easily reach your flight by delivering your car to the rental offices located at the airport.


You can rent a limousine if you want to make your transport in the city with a more comfortable vehicle and a driver. In this regard, you have much more options in the capital Tel Aviv. One of the most important advantages of limousines and other luxurious vehicles that serve with a driver is that it offers the opportunity to travel to many destinations much faster and easier thanks to local drivers who know the region well.

Airport Information

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport is the first choice of the passengers who want to reach Jerusalem, and is about 20 minutes from Tel Aviv city center. Traveling between the airport and Jerusalem, a distance of 40 kilometers, requires a journey of 45-50 minutes. This time may be shorter or longer depending on the traffic condition on the road.

In front of the airport terminal building, alternatives such as taxis and shared cars are waiting for those who want to reach the center of Jerusalem. To overcome the distance between the two cities, passengers also have options such as car rental and limousine.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport hosts a number of restaurants where you can try examples from the world, especially from Israel and Europe, clothing, cosmetics, souvenir shops where you can shop before and after your journey, a duty free offering of almost everything you need, and kiosk where you can buy books or newspapers.

While you are waiting for your flight in the private passenger lounges located at the airport, you can enjoy delicious treats, many privileged services, use the internet and recharge your mobile devices.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport also has an area hosting many exhibitions throughout the year. If you have to wait a longer time before your flight, you can visit the exhibitions here.

From the exchange office located at the airport, it is possible to exchange both the currency of your country with the Israeli Shekel and perform other exchange operations.

You can complete many banking transactions from the ATM devices that you will find at different points of the terminal.

Last Updated: 17 Jun 2017

Transportation to Ahmedabad City Center from Airport

It is very easy to reach Ahmedabad city center from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport by taxi or renting a car. There are 4 different bus routes carrying passengers to the city center. This transportation alternative is much more affordable and especially passengers with backpacks can benefit from this option.


There are taxi stands at the exit of the arrival area of the Terminal 1 building of the airport. Since self-employed taxi drivers generally don’t use taximeter, they can demand higher fares. You can ask for a reliable taxi contracted with the airport by visiting the prepaid taxi counter located in the Terminal 1. Travelling to the city center from the airport costs approximately 300 INR. If you will agree with a different driver, make sure to bargain before getting on the taxi.

Car Rental      

Car rental companies offer service in the arriving passenger area located in Terminal 1. Since there is heavy traffic in the city and drivers don’t generally obey the traffic rules, foreigners are advised to rent a car with a driver. However, if you decide to drive the car on your own, in order to reach the city center from the airport you should follow the Airport Road when you go out of the airport and go across one of the bridges on Sabarmati River. You can get to the city center in about twenty minutes by driving southward along the riverside.


Some bus routes operated by private companies and municipality depart from the airport and carry passengers to Ahmedabad city center. The travel lasts about 20 minutes. Bus routes 105 and 101 go to the Lal Darwaja Bus Station in the city center and bus routes 16 and 06 go to the main railway station in the city center. Passengers can transfer from these stations and reach other cities or rural regions of the city. Since the buses can be very crowded, passengers with heavy luggage aren’t advised to use the bus option.

Last Updated: 23 Oct 2016

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