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PS About Ukraine Intl Airlines

Established in 1992, Ukraine International Airlines is the leading airline company of Ukraine with 100% private capital. The airline has its head office in Kiev and its main hub at Boryspil International Airport. Operating 1,100 flights a week, Ukraine International Airlines flies to 75 destinations worldwide. The airline has over 2,500 employees. Ukraine’s successful airline company shows extra care to offering its customers a better travel network by increasing the number of its flights and routes every year. Ukraine International Airlines operates flights to major cities around the world including New York, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Munich.  You can use to book and buy Ukraine International Airlines tickets online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find the Ukraine Intl Airlines flights I'm looking for on Wingie?

You can find Ukraine Intl Airlines flights on Wingie. Wingie directly gathers instant data of the airline and compares it with other airlines. You can view all Pegasus flights for the date and destination you are looking for, and compare prices with other airlines.

I booked a Ukraine Intl Airlines flight from Wingie, how can I do online check-in and PNR inquiries?

For your Ukraine Intl Airlines flights booked from Wingie, you can check-in online here and PNR inquiries via this page.