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Initiated its operations in 1950 in Alaska, United States of America, Frontier Flying Service was founded for transporting food and postal services. Since it is unable to arrive the rural regions Alaskan locals live by land, the mails and food packages the government has to send to these regions are trasported via small cargo planes that belong to this company. In 2005, Frontier Flying Service started to expand its business and incorporated into another essential airline company, Cape Smythe Air Services. The company keeps providing services in 48 distinct areas.

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Can I find the Two Flex flights I'm looking for on Wingie?

You can find Two Flex flights on Wingie. Wingie directly gathers instant data of the airline and compares it with other airlines. You can view all Pegasus flights for the date and destination you are looking for, and compare prices with other airlines.

I booked a Two Flex flight from Wingie, how can I do online check-in and PNR inquiries?

For your Two Flex flights booked from Wingie, you can check-in online here and PNR inquiries via this page.