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Number of flights per week61
Top destinationsDubai
Most popular airlineEtihad Airways
Most popular airportDubai Intl. Airport
Flight Duration14 hour 10 min

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About United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, briefly known as the UAE, is one of the fastest rising stars in the Middle East with its economy revived by oil and tourism revenues in recent years, its skyscrapers, to which a new one is added every passing day, and its cultural life, which is becoming more and more lively.

The United Arab Emirates, which was a calm and simple Arab country before oil was found in the region and has rapidly developed with the influence of oil, today hosts some of the world's highest structures and most important organizations. Even though the country is surrounded by deserts, cities such as the coastal capital city Abu Dhabi and Dubai are surrounded by flamboyant parks and green areas. Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper, rises in Dubai, which is one of the fastest-growing centers in the country.

Saudi Arabia and Oman are the border neighbors of the country, which is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The most developed cities of the United Arab Emirates, which consists of different Emirates, are Dubai, where there are world-famous hotels such as Burj Al Arab, and Abu Dhabi, the capital city with beaches and structures as ravishing as those of Dubai. The official language in the country is Arabic, however, English is used extensively in education and daily life with the influence of the foreign population. The coastal cities of the country, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are heavily visited by people who want to enjoy the hot weather throughout the year and have a vacation full of sea and sun.

The Palm Islands, artificially created on the shores of Dubai, one of the most touristic cities in the country, are one of the few examples of this sort of artificial creation in the world. The islands, where hotels, houses, health and sports centers and shopping areas are located, are among the most attractive places for visitors who come to the city. There are also different activity options in the desert, such as safari and camel rides, in many cities of the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai.

The most developed industrial branches of the country are oil and natural gas, pearls, aluminum, fish products and dates. The United Arab Emirates is also a paradise for shopping. Especially electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets and computers are among the products that tourists are mostly interested in. The duty-free store at Dubai International Airport is one of the largest in the world in this field with its size and wide range of products.

Dubai International Airport is also one of the airports with the busiest air traffic in the world. You can reach Dubai and the capital city Abu Dhabi by direct flights from Istanbul and important centers of Europe, Asia and Africa. If you would like to enjoy the sun and the hot weather while Turkey and Europe experience cold winter days, you can turn your route to the United Arab Emirates.

On our website, you can easily buy your plane ticket to many points in the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai, where you can watch the environment from the world's tallest skyscrapers and visit glamorous beaches and giant shopping malls, and enjoy the country, which is a paradise for sea, sand, sun and shopping.

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